TEChnological fabrics MADE IN ITALY

Novatex has chosen to strive for innovation and Made in Italy quality. We continue to be a reliable and competitive force on an ever-more demanding market and stand out from the majority of our competitors which have decided to move their production abroad.
Making products that satisfy our clients’ needs has been made possible thanks to the purchase of state-of-the-art machines. Today, we operate with 25 textile machines that allow us to work with 90% of the fibres on today’s market.

This, together with our knowledge about weaving means we can produce specially-made products for different sectors: technical/industrial clothing, filtration, lining, footwear, curtains, linens (undergarments), etc. This versatility and production flexibility, as well as product innovation and transformation make Novatex the ideal partner for the design and development of new articles suitable for a qualitatively demanding and dynamic market.

Novatex’s production operations spread across a 5,000 m2 industrial building divided into 3 departments: weaving, warping and tie interlining cutting.
The plant’s annual production capacity is about 1,500,000 metres.
There is a stock of 100,000 metres for immediate delivery.
The production capacity of interlining cutting is more than 2,000,000 pieces/year.